About Perth Counselling and Hypnosis:


Anne's Mission

After a long career as a nurse and midwife I became disillusioned with my role in the sickness industry: treating sick people until they got better, then sending them home to repeat the same patterns of behaviour that created the disease. 

To be more effective in empowering people to be well, and happy, I retrained as a counsellor, Havening Techniques Practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist, and I now I use these evidence based tools to help people, families and businesses step up to well-being and being  focused and connected.

What I'm really passionate about is  creating a community of well,  active, happy people  in our beautiful city and surrounds.

March Special!

50% off the "Rapid-Stop" Program for quitting smoking!

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Real Testimonials:


David: Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation August 2018

"The sessions are so relaxing...I feel as though I've never had a cigarette in my life"


Lena: Havening Techniques and counselling for total health and wellness June 2018

"I am more happy, motivated, energised and satisfied in life. I feel fantastic, 10/10."

Current Events:

Learn how to lose weight the compassionate way at the "Slenderise with Success" Workshop, TBA.

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Big News!

Now open in  Perth, and also Joondalup.

Easy to access; no referral needed,  affordable, safe  and empowering.

All services are  solution focused and produce rapid results.

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Will I quack like a duck?

No. You are not asleep, and we do not use words like "put under".  You are relaxed, focussed and aware: indeed, all hypnosis is self hypnosis.