Meet Anne Holleley

Rather than focusing on problems, I empower people, families and businesses to create solutions to whatever it might be that they are struggling with.

As a counsellor, Havening Techniques Practitioner and hypnotherapist I specialise in weight management; anxiety, stress and other mood  extremes; smoking cessation, (and other addictions); IBS symptoms; fertility and perinatal adjustment.

As a commitment to families I am licenced to teach the  popular  1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching Program.

Solution Focused Services:

Trying to quit smoking?

Fed up with weight loss fails?

Fed up with weight loss fails?

When you're ready to become a permanent non-smoker the "Rapid-Stop" Program is now 50% off!

There are 2 initial sessions, an MP3 recording, an e-book: Plus 6 months of top-up sessions if there are any  hiccups, Success is the only option!

Fed up with weight loss fails?

Fed up with weight loss fails?

Fed up with weight loss fails?

The "Weight and Wellness" Program is unique in that it is tailor made for your particular weight management journey, and focuses on creating a fresh new recipe for nourishing yourself well, as you release weight, for good.

The 3 sessions are relaxing, interesting and empowering.

Anxious, stressed, depressed?

Fed up with weight loss fails?

Anxious, stressed, depressed?

Patterns of thinking will become beliefs, and often these beliefs are unhelpful and coupled with negative emotions. 

Research is now available to support  safe  neural rewiring by skilled, well trained therapists to create helpful patterns of thinking and mood regulation.

Workplace Problems??

Looking for relief from IBS, etc?

Anxious, stressed, depressed?

The Employee Assistance Plan is perfect for SMEs in Perth.

Increase harmony, engagement and productivity in your workplace with an annual Employee Assistance Plan so your employees are supported mentally and emotionally.

Only $60.00 per counselling session!

Troubled by past memories?

Looking for relief from IBS, etc?

Looking for relief from IBS, etc?

Traumatic memories will persist for life, often with physical, cognitive and emotional and social disruptions.

Using safe HaveningTechniques, with an experienced, certified practitioner will erase traumatic memories and allow you to be fully present in the present.

Looking for relief from IBS, etc?

Looking for relief from IBS, etc?

Looking for relief from IBS, etc?

When you are ready to explore complementary therapies for chronic problems with IBS symptoms, pain, insomnia and many other issues, book your free Discovery Session to find out how working with the mind can have  beneficial effects on the body!

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Counselling and hypnotherapy services do not claim to be a medical intervention and are not a substitute for medical or chiropractic care.

Please see your Doctor or Chiropractor  in the first instance for professional diagnosis and treatment of  symptoms.